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Sheri Brown Dion –BIO

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I am a Certified Interpretive Planner (NAI) and California licensed Landscape Architect (No. 4245) with more than 25 years of experience in interpretive planning and design, open space and trails planning, and environmental restoration. Clarify here about types of work and why I am interested in these areas…background in environmental restoration and open space planning.

Integrating people into the fringe of wildlands, restoring habitats near town and cities to encourage people to connect to nature. My project work reflects understanding of how public access to open space enriches people’s lives, compassion and understanding for each other and the natural world. Local access to and appreciation for natural areas also creates healthier communities, healthier people and a healthier environment. More recently I have brought these ideas into residential design – developing personal landscape that reflect the wild spaces love and feel a connection with. Emphasizing native plants and “nice natives” (aka as native hybrids) to create not a replica of a native landscape but something in-between wild and maintained. In this world of human-dominated landscapes – nearly all landscape need some level of maintenance or management. Sustainable…etc.

I have developed interpretive plans and exhibits to help local agencies reach out to the public and begin to foster local stewardship for sensitive environments. Interpretive exhibits are a frequent component of greenbelts and other multi-use trail projects. She is also skilled in public outreach and public meeting facilitation. (change this to reflect interpretation directly not as an outcome of access).

Gerald Dion –BIO

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  Certified Ecologist, Consultant, CFO, & Organizational Leader focused on helping companies reach high performance and create organizational alignment by breaking down complex finance/ strategy ideas into streamlined communications understood by all. Experience in consulting, government, and non-profit sectors with experience ranging from project management to CFO. Seeking a leadership role within the consulting or scientific space or in a non-profit organization to fully utilize and merge passion for leadership and finance with strategically aligned experience and education.
►Strategy, Budgeting, Forecasting, Finance, Data Analysis, Project Management, Business Development, Science Product Innovation, Science Communication, Environmental Planning and Management
►Leadership: Negotiation with Clients and Agencies, Simple Communication of Complex Financial Concepts, Storytelling, Presentations, Board of Directors and Committee Leadership.
►Technologies: MS Office, MS Dynamics, SharePoint Development, WordPress, Geographic Information Systems, Salesforce