Dion Resume/CV


Botanical studies, ecological restoration, planning, and design at different project scales; statistical analysis, organizational leadership, conservation strategies; defensible space planning; project management; geographic information systems; and database development. 


B.S., Environmental Biology and Management, Univ. of Calif., Davis, 1992. 
Emphasis in both Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology 
Additional minors in Biology and Philosophy 

M.S., Design and Management of Native Plant Communities; Landscape Architecture Department, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, 1996 

Masters of Business Administration, Univ of Calif, Davis, 1992 

Emphases: Finance, Innovation and Leadership 

Leadership Fellow 


Adjunct Biology Faculty, Lake Tahoe Community College, South Lake Tahoe, 2004 
Taught course in botany, evolution and ecology 
Tutored and mentored students to achieve a 100% pass rate of all students 

Trainer, Ecological and Wildlife Monitoring for Restoration Projects.  Society for Ecological Restoration. 1998 

Teaching Assistant, Biology and Ecology, Univ. Of Wisconsin 1994-1996 


River Partners, VP and CFO, 2014 to 2019 

Lead science and design teams for restoration projects, completed all budgeting and financial documents.   

AmberCycle, co-founder, 2013 to 2014 use synthetic biology to engineer custom-tailored organisms that can degrade plastics into its chemical components. 

Tallac Applied Ecology & Design, Principal—2005 to present 

Project manager and ecologist focused on natural resources management, GIS solutions and large scale planning. 

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Senior Planner—2000 to 2001 

Developed pilot project for project and program management of the EIP, facilitated federal improvement projects in Tahoe, coordinated of policy between Federal agencies and TRPA, and managed riparian and environmental improvement projects. 

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Vegetation Program Manager—2001 to 2005 

Developed vegetation threshold evaluation, prepared old growth forest standard and regulatory code changes, and developed Tahoe yellow cress conservation strategy 

Jones & Stokes Associates Sacramento Office, Restoration Ecologist—1998 to 2000 

Coordinated projects, prepared ecosystem restoration plans, and conducted natural resource surveys. 

EDAW, Inc. San Francisco Office, Ecologist—1997 to 1998 

Prepared ecosystem restoration plans, conducted natural resources surveys, and conducted GIS analysis. 

EIP Associates, Inc.  San Francisco Office, Ecologist—1996 to 1997 

Conducted natural resources surveys and prepared mitigation plans. 

Policy Internship Sacramento County, Intern—1992 

Reviewed past files and recommended standard mitigation language for vernal pool mitigation within Sacrament County. 


Landscape Contractor, C27  

Ecological Society of America -Certified Ecologist.  

Society for Ecological Restoration International 

  • Board Member 1999 to 2003 
  • International Conference Chair (1999) 

Society for Ecological Restoration – California Chapter 


Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Service Award 2002  

Society for Ecological Restoration Service Award, 2000. 


Natural Capital 101: Restored riverways deliver exceptional ROI”, 2019, River Partners Blog Post; https://www.riverpartners.org/news/natural-capital/ 

Federal Vision for Lake Tahoe; Tahoe Regional Planning Agency 

Sierra Nevada Yard and Garden: A homeowner’s guide to landscaping in the Sierra Nevada, 2008; https://sierranevadaalliance.org/wp-content/uploads/SNYG-guide.pdf 

Conservation Strategy for Tahoe Yellow Cress; 2002.  Tahoe Regional Planning Agency; https://www.fws.gov/nevada/protected_species/plants/documents/tyc_cs_trpa2002.pdf 

Factors associated with interannual and intraannual variation in nutrient limitation of phytoplankton growth in castle lake, California; Elser, J., Lubnow, F. S., Marzolf, E. R., Brett, M. T., Dion, G., & Goldman, C. R. (1995).  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 52(1), 93-104. https://doi.org/10.1139/f95-009 

“On-site, off-site”: the empty refrain the evaluation of location and function for mitigation”  May 1995  Proceedings of the Twenty-second Annual Conference on Ecosystems Restoration and Creation. 

Various conference presentations (12) based on environmental improvement and related science. 


Project Management 

  • Developed project management system for a large non-profit environmental organization. 
  • TRPA Project Management Training.  Lead staff on the development of project management tools and systems within the Tahoe Regional planning Agency. 
  • Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement Program Strategic Planning. Lead staff on directing changes to the EIP, including initiation of new project scoping, development of accomplishment units, and project management within the EIP. 
  • Co-author EIP Project Delivery Process.  This process linked the implementation of EIP projects with agency interaction within a project management framework. 
  • General Project Management.  Provided project management for projects in both private and public organizations, including an international conference of 1,200 people.  
  • Owner of Tallac Applied Ecology & Design.  Responsible for marketing, project delivery, project management and bookkeeping 

Ecological Restoration Planning 

  • Managed large scale river restoration projects throughout California.  These projects where between 100 and 900 acres in scale.   
  • Collaborative Storm Water Quality Project Delivery for the Lake Tahoe Basin. Co-authored this document that defined the planning and design process within Lake Tahoe for water quality improvement projects. This effort was undertaken by the Storm Water Quality Improvement Committee of Lake Tahoe. 
  • Upper Truckee River Restoration. Lead contact of TRPA on all Upper Truckee River projects. Involved in funding, planning and permitting for different projects along the river. 
  • The Nature Conservancy’s Sul Norte Project. Coordinated the Jones & Stokes effort to develop an understanding of potential hydraulic impacts to the flood control system caused by riparian restoration along the Sacramento River. In addition, Mr. Dion provided restoration and GIS expertise.  
  • Survey and Analysis of In-stream Woody Material. To better understand the role of in-stream woody material, conducted a survey and statistical analysis of the size, location, and origin of this type of material in the lower American River. 
  • Jensen River Ranch Restoration Plan and Inventory. Coordinated the site inventory, restoration planning, and final document production for Jones and Stokes. 
  • Guadalupe Creek Natural Resource Inventory and Restoration Plan. Coordinated a creek restoration planning project that entailed extensive inventory of soils, vegetation and geomorphology. In addition to leading the vegetation survey and GIS mapping efforts, coordinated the project for Jones & Stokes. 
  • Lake Tahoe EIP Strategic Planning. Lead staff on directing changes to the EIP, including initiation of new project scoping, development of accomplishment units, and project management within the EIP. 
  • Riparian Restoration Action Plan for the City of San Jose. Coordinated a unique planning effort to explore riparian restoration within the City of San Jose. The project included development of generalized restoration strategies, and a GIS analysis of the creeks to prioritize all creek segments for restoration projects for Jones and Stokes. 

Environmental Policy and Planning 

  • Late Seral/Old Growth Regional Plan Changes. Worked with the Lake Tahoe Forest Health Consensus Group to amend the vegetation thresholds, goals and policies, and the code of ordinances to increase the protection of late seral/old growth ecosystems. 
  • TRPA Vegetation Threshold Evaluation. Conducted an evaluation of the attainment of the vegetation thresholds in Lake Tahoe. Recommendations to change thresholds and vegetation protection were approved. 
  • Tahoe Yellow Cress Conservation Strategy. Tahoe yellow cress is a rare plant found only on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Managed project, co-authored document, prepared graphics, assisted with document editing, and lead the stakeholder group of private landowners, environmental groups, and agency staff. 
  • Jinji Lake Master Plan, China. EDAW’s assignment was to redesign the open space and park system around a proposed new town in China, Mr. Dion’ s role was to develop water quality improvement measures and assist in the design of an “Eco-park.” The recommendations included spill prevention plans, hydrologic controls, and a 50-acre water treatment wetland.  
  • San Francisco Peninsula Watershed Management Plan. Developed the goals, polices and actions for the Watershed Management Plan regarding three elements within the Crystal Springs Reservoir watershed. In addition, developed a procedure to guide agency staff in using the plan.  
  • Habitat Evaluation Procedure along the Columbia River. Assisted EDAW’s natural resource staff in developing the field information for a number of Habitat Evaluation Procedure (HEP) models. This procedure entailed identifying plant species and habitat types within a specific methodology. 

Geographic Information Systems 

  • Negro Canyon Watershed Assessment.  Conducted a watershed assessment focused on water quality and restoration. 
  • Homewood Resort Cumulative Watershed Evaluation.  Led the GIS analysis for this evaluation.  
  • Lower American River Geomorphic Surface Analysis of Potential Restoration Sites.  Restoration potential was identified using GIS of ground water surface along the lower American River.  
  • Napa River Watershed Protection Ordinance. Coordinated GIS vegetation mapping of the Napa River watershed. Lead the mapping effort and researched possible ordinance language. Collected and synthesized information on natural resources and plant communities in the watershed to provide scientific backing for the new ordinance guidelines. 
  • Review of California Listed Species. Reviewed the distribution and life history of species protected by the Endangered Species Act. This review was part of the EIR for proposed regulations implementing Sections 2080 and 2081 of the California Endangered Species Act. The result was a concise summary of the location and status of the species.  


Landscape Contractor 


Project Management Training Series – Jones & Stokes sponsored seminar 

Geomorphology Applications for Environmental Restoration 

Permitting and Environmental Compliance – Jones & Stokes sponsored seminar 

CEQA and NEPA 101 – Jones & Stokes sponsored seminar 

EIS: Successful Compliance with NEPA, CEQA, and TRPA – TRPA sponsored seminar 

Freeride Ski Coach Level 100 

Open Water Scuba